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My Approach

In my practice, therapy is individualized for your goals.

I utilize the evidence based treatment approaches

of CBT, DBT, and REBT.

I aid individuals gain insight, improve mood, and gain skills to manage life in a more effective way.


I am particularly passionate about helping individuals overcome their anxiety, build resilience, and to overcome addiction.

About me

I am a licensed mental health therapist committed to helping individuals feel safe, heard, and supported.


I help individuals not be held hostage by their mental health and to walk courageously through this messy thing we call life.

If you're looking for a therapist who is authentic and passionate about helping others --


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**In Person Appointments are not available. **

Your Premier Choice for Online Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

 Welcome to Skylar Hollabaugh Counseling, where we take pride in offering top-notch online therapy and virtual mental health counseling services in Jacksonville, FL. Skylar Hollabaugh is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in various areas, including ADHD therapy, anxiety relief, addiction counseling, and more. 

 Looking for an Expert ADHD Therapist or Anxiety Relief Specialist Nearby? 

Skylar Hollabaugh is committed to providing the best virtual ADHD therapy and online counseling tailored to your unique needs. Accessing a quality mental health therapist is vital for overall well-being. We design our online therapy sessions to provide convenience without compromising treatment effectiveness. Skylar Hollabaugh Counseling supports your journey, whether you're seeking addiction counseling, anxiety therapy, or other mental health services. Skylar Hollabaugh Counseling is the premier destination in Jacksonville, FL, for top-notch virtual therapy and online addiction recovery therapy. Count on us to be your partner in achieving mental wellness and leading a fulfilling life. More than just an expert in their field, Skylar Hollabaugh is a compassionate individual dedicated to helping you overcome the challenges you face, whether you seek the assistance of an addiction recovery therapist or an anxiety therapist.

Tailored Virtual Therapy Sessions Just For You

 Engage in our virtual therapy sessions that promise flexibility and personalization. Whether you’re dealing with the stresses of everyday life or specific mental health challenges, we design our sessions to fit into your schedule, enabling you to receive help from the comfort of your home.


At Skylar Hollabaugh Counseling, Skylar Hollabaugh is here to guide you through your recovery and wellness journey, utilizing the best practices and personalized approaches in virtual therapy sessions. 

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